lunch time

do you also continuously ask yourself what you should eat for your next lunch? I can help you! first you should buy some glass tupperware. glass is good for storing your lunch. the food does not take on any bad taste and it looks more delicious than in plastic. I prepare my lunch on the … Continue reading lunch time

stair running

once a week I run up and down a fleet of stairs. Iโ€™m running up and down the stairs alternately for 20 minutes. in each round I take either one or two steps at once. after these 20 minutes I do other exercises on the stairs like squads or push-ups. you can add different exercises. … Continue reading stair running

summerdinner for two

here an inspiration for a summerdinner for two persons ๐Ÿ™‚ : Mango-Avocado salad: 1 mango 1 avocado fresh parsley 1 red pepperoni some pumpkin seeds olive oil or pumpkin seeds oil vinegar salt and pepper mix all together eat the salad for example with olive bread and pepper cheese. for dessert prepare some fresh strawberries … Continue reading summerdinner for two

easter skiing

for Easter holiday I went skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. itโ€™s so refreshing being outside in the cool air all day long. Easter was like a winter-wonderland fairy tale. it was snowing all day on two of the four days. tiny glittery snowflakes dropped down to the white ground. it felt like winter was … Continue reading easter skiing